Stone Mountain Village Series  LbNA # 43511

OwnerPaw Paw and Granny    
Placed DateSep 20 2008
LocationStone Mountain, GA
Found By Eidolon
Last Found Feb 22 2014
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Stone Mountain Village Series
September 2008

Outside the Stone Mountain Park is the Stone Mountain Village. In the middle of town on Main Street you will find a large bell that is the starting point for the series. Standing at the bell and using your compass, orient yourself to the village. Should take about an hour to get the 5 boxes.

1. West Mountain Street @ 10 degrees.
2. Alley between the Main Street shops @ 50 degrees
3. St. Michaels Mediation Garden @180 degrees
4. Library @ 210 degrees
5. Red door @ 300 degrees.

You may start anywhere and find them in any order you want to but here is a suggestion.

There are many wonderful people who have come to our country from war torn countries in search of security and opportunity. We have been fortunate enough to get to know many who have become our good friends. Go down the alley to find our (1) FRIEND FROM AFAR. Just past the gas meter on the left, carefully look in the herb bush. The box is in the little brick house at the base of the bush; so please do not damage the herb plant while looking. The Café next to the alley is The Wells Cargo restaurant. They own the alley and know about the box – stop in for some refreshment and enjoy a few minutes to relax and enjoy life.

Continue through the alley and turn left up to West Mountain Street. Look behind the clown at the Stone Mountain Old Post Office Antique Mall for (2)BOZO. If you are there between the hours of 10AM and 6PM on Monday – Saturday or 1-5 PM Sunday go inside and find where fresh coffee is brewed. Locate a blue camp coffee pot with a “Sold” sticker and (3)HAVE SOME COFFEE. Nan and Charlie Nash own this shop and are aware the boxes are on their property. They are nice people who are very knowledgeable about Stone Mountain. Charlie is an expert on civil war relics. Enjoy your visit is their interesting mall.

After you leave the shop, return to the bell and head to St Michaels Meditation Garden. We enjoy this beautiful little spot. Stay and rest a minute; then walk out the back on the red stepping stones and down the street past the red caboose. Find the dog park. Go down the concrete walk past the entrance to the doggie play areas. Turn right and go under the bridge to the wall with several “step ups”. Sit on the low part of the wall in the little corner at the first step up. Under a loose concrete block on your left is (4)WHERE IS THE CAT PARK? Even though this is a great place to stay and stamp, it would be helpful if you would move away to avoid drawing attention to the spot. Be stealthy and rehide well please. Thanks.

Now, go to the library where a little red hen has escaped. In the back of the parking lot on the right side there is a concrete wall and some steps. Stand at the steps and look left under the holly bush against the wall. (5)THE LITTLE RED HEN is waiting for you.

Clues as to what is behind the red door are under development and will be announced at a later date.

Small advertisement – The Happy Birthday Great Grandmother Frances box is just several hundred yards down the concrete path back of the caboose.