Hidden Agenda  LbNA # 4353 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 14 2003
Location1815 S Ponce De Leon Ave, Northeast Atlanta, GA
Found By fuzzylogic
Last Found Jun 1 2010
Hike Distance?

Placed by Mark

Difficulty: Easy. Takes about 20 minutes of walking on flat ground in a beautiful garden.

Availability: This letterbox cannot be nabbed on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday because weddings are held there. I don't think it is available at night either because the gates into the area will be closed.

Bring a stamp pad and pen!

Cator Woolford Gardens is located on Ponce De Leon Avenue. Take 78W into downtown and it will be on a slanted street off of Ponce right before you cross into the Fulton County line, but very, very close to it. If you see the Moreland Ave. intersection, you have gone too far. You can also get there by taking I-85 South (into ATL) and exit at the Clairmont Road exit. Turn left and follow Clairmont Road until it intersects with Ponce. Turn right on Ponce. If you see the Moreland Ave. intersection, you have gone too far. From ATL, take Ponce away from the city and the slanted street will be on your right after Moreland, after the 2nd light. Use mapquest, call for directions, or go to http://www.cwgardens.com.

From the slanted road, turn through the gated entrance and slowly follow the road. You will cross a stone bridge and the garden area will appear on your left. Continue onward to park. Park at the first lot on your right and head back down to the garden area.

Walk into the garden area parking lot and look for the paved path at the back of the of the parking lot. Take it and when you get to the 4-way, go left. Follow that across a wooden bridge and when you get to the covered path intersecting from the right, continue straight ahead. Cross a stone bridge and look for the bench. Near the bench is a big rock. The letterbox is hidden in the rock and is covered by a reddish-colored stone. Stamp in and re-hide with precision—I try to make it look like a very natural setting. Go back to the covered path intersection and enter the garden. Turn right by the poetry statue to get back to your car. Or, you can continue on the path from the letterbox straight ahead, the direction you were heading when you found the box, and circle the garden. Sneak over the simple chain and find a great field with bamboo and other cool things. Look in the creek at the granite rocks and you might see a snake that likes to sun there. Don't worry, it is safe to view him from this distance, but please don't disturb him. Please don't walk off trail and always pack out any litter you might have, including cigarette butts! I really respect these gardens and I know you will too when you visit them!

Contact me with reports if you want to via ndnboxing@yahoo.com.

NOTE: Always take adequate precautions (such as prodding with a stick
and/or wearing gloves) before reaching into dark crevices and holes in the wild.