Teacher's Pet  LbNA # 43541

OwnerTurtle Team    
Placed DateSep 21 2008
LocationOregon, OH
Found By chiweenieluvr
Last Found May 25 2015
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Teacher’s Pet
Directions to Pearson Park:
Toledo: Go EAST on St.Rt.2 (Navarre Ave.) go through Oregon until you get to Lallendorf, turn LEFT and the immediately turn RIGHT into the park.
I made this letterbox in honor of my 3rd, 5th and 6th grade science teacher(yes, the same person). She was my favorite. When you find it you will see what her class pet was.
Pearson is one of our metroparks. You can go fishing and paddle boating in the ponds. There are many places to park and take walks or ride your bikes. It has a big playground, ball fields and shelter houses. There’s an inside bird observatory that works really well in the winter along with a big sledding hill. Take a picnic lunch and make a day of it.

Enter Pearson Park and go to PARKING LOT #3. Park and walk toward the exit of parking lot #3. You will see a trail. Follow the trail past the fishing pond (stay on main trail) until you get to a HUGE tree in the middle of a lot of trails. Look HIGH up on the tree and you might see a box that says “B.S.A. 123”- Do you know what this box is for ?
It’s a Bat House that the Boy Scouts put up there!
Follow the trail straight – you will see a split rail fence; stay on the trail to the left. Sit at the 1st bench and admire the waterfall and all the different trees and flowers. You will notice 2 more benches to the left, go to the bench the farthest away from you and closest to the trail. Once you are there-see the corner of the fence ? Go to the next post into the woods, you will see a stump and fallen trees look under the fallen trees for the box.
**REMEMBER TO WATCH FOR MUGGLES (non-letterboxing people)**
Find a quiet, secret place to stamp your books! A good spot is up the path to the left at the edge of the pond find a stone-brick 3-sided fireplace building with seats. Great spot to stamp without muggles seeing you!
**Please put back and cover it up good**