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Placed DateSep 21 2008
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LocationNabari, Mie Prefecture, Japan, INT
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Akame 48 Waterfalls 赤目四十八滝

Follow the waterfall path until you reach Koko Taki Falls (琴滝) . There will be a wooden post on your right with those kanji on it. Carefully step off the path to get to the post. Under the actual path to the left/front of the post there is a rock placed on its side against the path (it is a slightly different color). Behind this rock is what you seek!
Koko Taki Falls (琴滝) is right before the last of the famous 5 waterfalls, Biwa Taki Falls (琵琶滝), about a 75 min walk from the entrance.

Akame 48 Waterfalls is a VERY beautiful walk. However, it is a very long, uneven path with wet rocks and occasional steep stairs, so please be careful ! Wear good shoes and bring food and water with you for rest stops (and maybe a handheld fan too!).
Maps are available by the entrance with the English and Japanese waterfall names on them. There are 5 stamps placed in small wooden houses throughout the walk that you can stamp on your map as you go along. The 1st one is where you pick up the waterfall map pamphlet.
You can get an additional map in English (not as nice) from the ticket counter.

It costs 300 yen to get in, and very well worth it. There is also a salamander center (that are said to protect the forest & waterfalls). There are many gift shops and a hot spring onsen leading up to the Muro Akame Aoyama National Park waterfall entrance.

How to get there:
Nabari is located in Mie Prefecture in Japan.

Take the Kintetsu 近鉄train to Nabari station名張. At the West exit, get a bus to the waterfalls. It will cost 540 yen.

Take the Kintetsu 近鉄 train Akameguchi station 赤目口. Take a bus to the waterfalls (around 300 yen). The bus only comes once or twice an hour. You can also get a taxi for 1590 yen (good if you have 4 people).

The last bus back to either train station is at 5 o’clock. Depending on your station, your bus stop name will be: Akameguchi-eki-mae 赤目口駅前 OR Nabari-eki-mae 名張駅前 Taxis are available after 5 from the waterfalls.

From the Nabari English guide page: