Quest for Diamonds and a Crown  LbNA # 43648 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 27 2008
LocationAurora, IL
Planted Byunicorn star    
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In Aurora.

Travel west on McCoy until you pass Kautz Rd. McCoy turns into 5th Ave here. Enter the Oakhurst Forest preserve here.

If you drive north into the preserve, enter the parking lot to your right. Face the lake. There is a grass trail that will take you towards right hand side of the lake. This is due north, if you have a compass.

Take the grass trail, until you reach the sandy/gravely trail. Turn right and follow the gravel trail. Take your first pathway to the right. If you cross the footbridge, you missed your turn. You will turn right again the next time the trail splits.

Here, decide whether to find the Diamond or the Crown first.

1.To find the CROWN turn right at the next trail split and count 16 paces. On your left you will see a tree and the trail will turn sharp left. Continue counting your paces until you have gone a total of 85. To your right, you will see very large tree a full 5 paces from the trail. The Jeweled Crown is behind that large tree. Under a large hollowed branch.

2. To find the Diamond, count 18 paces while continuing along the main trail here (stay to your left). On your left hand side you will see a fallen tree (or very large branch) running alongside the trail. You should be standing at the large end of it. Reach behind it and inside the branch, you will find the Diamond.