Peerless - UNAVAILABLE  LbNA # 43658

OwnerThe Christmas Elves      
Placed DateSep 21 2008
LocationMilwaukee, WI
Found By Kermit
Last Found Apr 25 2011
Hike Distance?

Terrain: Varied and fairly level
Estimated Hike Distance: Less than 2 miles round-trip
Status: 5/6/2011 Peerless was rescued by a good samaritan and is headed home for inspection. The clue will be updated when a decision to replant or archive is made.

A creative duo hatched a plan for a special indoor letterboxing outing in the second month of the year to be held just days after the anniversary of an infamous happening in their part of the world. The announcement launched a flurry of e-chatter: What to carve? What to wear? What was the slang of the day?

The original clue for this letterbox appeared a week before the outing:

We’re looking forward to S.I.L.O. II.
To find our contribution,
AtlasQuest won’t help (it’s true),
but that shouldn’t dampen your fun!

We enjoy the ‘boxing tradition:
containers; logs; stamps; and clues.
Impossible is not this mission,
so there’s no need for the blues.

The Christmas Elves have been
known to question event attendees.
It’s different this time. When
you see us, ask, please:

“Have you seen the torpedoes’ darb boiler?”

Peerless was introduced at that outing to anyone who asked us that question. Those familiar with 1920’s slang suspected that they were asking about the ercassaM yaD s’enitnelaV .tS killers’ excellent vehicle, but the name of the letterbox and which vehicle remained a mystery until they opened it.

On that infamous Thursday, the torpedoes in the boiler were dressed as hammers and saws. They left the scene as though escorting the other droppers to the clubhouse. Trouble boys from Illinois would often go to read and write up north until the coast was clear. Their destination would not have been the same as yours since they wanted to stay out of the pen and the boiler is now parked where this area’s big house was on that day.

One of the boiler’s parts may have been made in a plant that was within five miles from the boiler’s current garage. The mechanical marvel, the first fully automated assembly line, was built in that plant. How long did the mechanical marvel take to make one of those parts? ______________________

To find the boiler’s scatter or haven in the woods, take a walk in the forest. We recommend downloading a map before leaving home, especially if you want to explore more of the forest. Restrooms are not available on weekends or holidays, except during scheduled programs. Access for pets is limited and, unfortunately, some parts of this adventure are not pet friendly. Please contact the placer if a pet friendly route is needed.

The boiler isn’t far from the 4th bench, but you’ll have to find that bench.

Brush your boots at the kiosk and learn about one of this area’s least wanted.

Your journey begins on the bearing that shares the same number as the amount of time it takes to make parts for 15 boilers: __________. Did you see the Centennial Tree? When you reach an intersection, read the yellow sign then follow the instructions that are familiar to folks southwest of this place: About, face! Forward, march! At your next choice, follow the arrow. Then, 170 degrees. Reject the straight and narrow. Choose the winding path. So many choices! Take this one, at 100 degrees.

When you reach the tall spruce next to the path, set your compass to 250 degrees. Do you see its brother? Find your way to it. What are those doing there? The boiler is waiting in the fallen log at 300 degrees. Leaving the fragile top of the log in place, gently slide out the items behind Peerless and back it out of its hiding place.

Please re-hide Peerless, leaving it covered carefully before returning to the path. Retrace your steps or, if you have time, explore more of the area before heading back to the kiosk to brush your boots again.

Please contact us if the box needs maintenance, etc.