Horse X 2  LbNA # 43668 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 28 2008
LocationOntario, WI
Found By Endless_Summer
Last Found Aug 12 2012
Hike Distance?

Horse X 2

Your quest starts at a state park near Ontario Wisconsin called tacdliW .tM. There is a fee to use Wisconsin state parks. There are several turn in points for this park. Take the turn that takes you towards the Park Office. You want to park in the picnic area to take Old Settler’s Trail. You can also reach this trail from the parking lot near the office, but the clues are written from the picnic area. The loop is 2.5 miles and is over some pretty rough terrain. Lots of good ups and downs in this one.

One feature of this park is its horse camp area. There are lots of horse trails in this park. Though you should not meet any live horses on this hiking trail, you should find a Trail Rider if you pay attention to the clues.

From the parking lot head north to get to the trail. There are lots of wooden steps leading you down in the valley. At the bottom of the steps, follow the arrow on the sign to the right (east).

Hike the trail until you come to the first bridge. Standing at the foot of the bridge, but before you step onto it, look to your right to see a fallen tree. Take about 23 steps to this tree. Cross to the other side of the trunk. Now take about another 6 steps to come to its base. Under some rotten wood you will find your prize!

Return to the bridge and cross. Continue on the trail.

This is Amish country. You may have noticed some other horses on the road on the way to the park other than the ones here to ride the trails. There are horses working the fields and pulling buggies. Maybe we can find one of those in the woods?

You will come to a point in the trail where you can choose to go to the park office. Do not go to the park office. Stay left on the Old Settler’s Trail. You will come to the Taylor Hollow Overlook. What a view!! Stop at the bench and enjoy. Now you must descend some more wooden stairs.

At long last you will come to another bridge. Cross it. On your right just after the bridge you will see a gigantic old pine tree. Hidden beyond the tree and off to the side under some sticks you will find the Road Rider.

Continue on the trail. You will come to the sign to the Upper Picnic Area. You have completed the loop and must go back up those wooden stairs. This is truly a beautiful park and some gorgeous Wisconsin country. Enjoy the hike!