Tree of Sisterhood  LbNA # 43676 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 23 2008
LocationColumbia, CT
Planted Byecosisters65187    
Found By Bluebird
Last Found Jan 10 2010
Hike Distance?

Recreation Park, Columbia, Ct.

1. Begin at the rock path by the colorful playscape and swing set.
2. Take the trail into the woods and follow the stonewall.
3.WARNING, no yellow ATV's are allowed, but letterboxers need to proceed down that path, keeping the stonewall to their right.
4. Follow the yellow blazes thru two breaks in the stonewall where a stone walkway is under foot.
5. While passing thru the second break, look to your left and see a large fallen tree, broken and forlorn lying quietly in the woods. Pay close attention, you are almost there.
6. Proceed to the next stonewall, but do not pass thru.
7. Take twelve steps to your right and stand before the Tree Of Sisterhood.
8. Look down at the stonewall at the base of the tree and hidden among the rocks you will find what you seek.
9. Return to the path and have the stonewall at your back.
10. Face the knowledgable tree that shows you the loop path back.
11. Follow the path bearing to the left of the tree.
12. Follow the yellow blazes carefully back as you loop toward home.