Wolf Pack #1  LbNA # 43678

Placed DateSep 30 2008
LocationOlathe, KS
Planted ByWolf Scout 3467    
Found By Prairie Pirates
Last Found Feb 15 2010
Hike Distance?

Update:Boxes have been checked on 2/07/09 all still exisit. Two of the stamps have been taken, replaced, & taken again. Sorry they will not be replace again. Please leave the boxes in the same condition or better when they are found.

These Clues were hidden within Heritage Park 16050 Pflumm, Olathe, KS by the Wolf Scouts Pack 3467 from Black Bob Elementary. You can find more information about the park at www.jcprd/parks_facilities/heritage_park.cfm .

Enter the park off of Pflumm & 159th Street. Enter the parking lot for the Marina. There you will find restrooms & a vending machine. Enter the paved path adjacent to Heritage Lake head North West (left) on the tail. As you walk the trail you will pass 6 park benches, then you will pass a wooden post on the left side of the path, on top of the post is a wooden pineapple. As the path curves you will notice two trees off in the distance, one curves like a candy cane. A short distance later the path turns and you will come to a Y; follow it to the right of the bridge. Look in a hollow log that is laying at the base of the tree near the creek for your first box.

Please re-hide this box, just as you found it. We wouldn't want passer bys to see it and take it not knowing what it is.

After your first discovery, cross the bridge and follow the path to the right. As you walk you will pass the 1.5mile marker, in the field to the left you will notice a bird feeder, walk toward it and continue to the small tree that stands alone. Look into the base of the trunk for your second box. Again, please hide it just as you found it, making sure the lid in on tight.

Now that you have found your 2nd box, Re-trace your steps back to the path turning left. Follow around the trail for a while, until you come to a Y, continue to the right. As you come within 50 yards of the bridge, you will notice a grass path on the right, go into the clearing walking straight towards a Locust tree. Turn right; take 20 steps looking for a very large tree on the left and you can find third box in the top of the tree trunk covered with sticks.

Once you have re-hidden your 3rd box retrace your steps back to the paved path following the trail back to the right, towards to Marina.

Your Finished! Now you may rest, have a cold drink, and enjoy the great view over the lake.