Cover Your Eyes- It's a Naked Tree!  LbNA # 43693

Placed DateSep 22 2008
LocationBerlin Heights, OH
Found By xcrunner27
Last Found May 5 2012
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Cover Your Eyes- It's a Naked Tree!

To find this letterbox, first find a small
parking lot on the north side of Smokey Road. Coming from the west,
it will be the second small parking area you see. Right across the
street is the Big Meadow trailhead. Head south on the Big Meadow
Trail until you come to the West Oak Hickory Trail. The West Oak
Hickory Trail is grassy, lined with trees, shrubs, and wildflowers.
It can be muddy and uneven, so watch your step! It will intersect
the Cranberry Creek trail after about four-tenths of a

The Cranberry Creek trail meanders through the woods, but is
generally a north-south path. The first bit of it is a gravel, but
the gravel runs out after less than a tenth of a mile. Then you
will be walking on dirt (or mud). A little less than a quarter-mile
from the trailhead, the Cranberry Creek trail makes a 90° bend.
There, you will find a great place to have a seat and look toward
the south for the “distinctive feature” that caught my eye.

It’s a naked tree! A nudist in the woods, sans bark. Its
light, barkless complexion stands out among the others at this
corner of the trail. Do not be embarrassed by the exhibitionist
tree; you must approach it to find the letterbox. At the feet of
the nude tree’s nearest neighbor (who is fully clothed
barked), you will find an ammo box with stamp and