Exodus 23:20  LbNA # 43698

Placed DateSep 30 2008
LocationWorthington, OH
Found By Spoiled Rotten
Last Found Apr 2 2011
Hike Distance?

All boxes are in alWnut rovGe Cemetery. You will stamp into your log book at each location but there is a log book in the last box only. Research before attempting these boxes (or bring your Bible with you on the hunt). The NIV version is used in the clues. If not available and you're
unsure you're getting the correct answers with another version, you may go to www.biblegateway.com. BTW I saw three deer while I was scouting the location.
One pace = two steps. You will need a compass and ink pads. First finders gift for the first 6!

#1 Enter the cemetery at the end of W. Lincoln Avenue off High street and turn right at the tree that Zacchaeus climbed (Luke 19:2-4) _____________ stopping at the bridge. Notice there is a small section of cemetery on the other side of the creek. Cross the bridge and walk to your right looking for the grave with the occupation of the man who asked Joseph to interpret his dream (Genesis 40:16)_________. Continue 7 more paces to your right (east) to what is mentioned in Psalm 42:1 _____________. Your 1st winged prize is high in the bush to the left. ***many boxers have trouble with this box. Be sure to read the clues carefully.

#2 Return to your car and drive along the _______ hand side of the cemetery (the hand that holds long life in Proverbs 3:16 and drive all the way to the west end of the cemetery stopping just as you turn south and visit the grave of the two Jesus said you can not serve (Matthew 6:24)__________. Walk 11 paces at 130 degrees to what Christ says should not be troubled John 14:1 _________. Remembering your last answer, walk 18 paces at 80 degrees to find what you should not let it become in Hebrews 3:8 ________. At 250 degrees walk and walk until you can go _____________ (Job 38:11) and look behind the tree and under a rock for your next heavenly sight.

#3 Continue just a short distance south turning left after you pass what Christ gives in Matthew 16:19 __________. Stop in the next intersection and look both ways. You will know the right way to turn by what you see. Turn and continue curving and bearing right stopping when you see the occupation mentioned in Isaiah 29:16 ________. Look at 150 degrees to see the place where Christ was obedient (Philippians 2:8) _________. Look at 70 degrees and with luck at a distance you will find a curved marble bench that belongs to two of Jesus' relatives (Acts 1:14, James 1:1) _________&________. What you seek is under the stones in the "corner shrub". Make sure it is completely covered when you rehide.

#4 Continue on the road you are on but stop just before turning on street mentioned in Song of Songs 2:1 __________. Look ahead to find what Christ told his disciples they would become (Mark 1:17) ___________. Walk 8 paces at 25 degrees to God's title (1 Timothy 6:15)__________. Look farther to see the disciple who doubted (John 20:27) __________. Look to the west and see in the distance the leaning stone where the psalmist David took refuge in Psalm 61:4 __________. Notice the 4 rounded shrubs to the right and search in the east side of the third one for your 4th angelic being.

#5 Continue your right turn and another right turn will take you to the place not so unlike the one mentioned in Amos 5:11 ___________________. Turn left before passing this place. Drive till you see on your left the word describing what your are like after God cleanses you in Psalm 51:7 _____________. To your right (east) you will see the old grave of the one who cried out to God and whose prayers were answered in 1 Chronicles 4:10 ___________. Also notice that God's word rests there. Walk 7 paces at 30 degrees to Mary's sister (Luke 10:38-39)_________ and then 4 paces north to Abraham's wife (Genesis 17:19) _________. What you seek will be found in that which burned but was not consumed (Exodus 3:2) ________.

#6 Turn right and drive to the south edge of the cemetery and go east just a very short distance along the fence before turning left at the next street. Turn left again at the street that bears the name of that from which the alter was made (I Kings 6:20) _________. But don't go far or you will miss what Christ came to give you to the full (John 10:10) ________. Walk to your left 17 paces to what grieved Peter to hear the rooster do (Luke 22:60 )________. Look around and near by you will see a place to worship. Just three paces to its right between the tree and shrub is your last treasure. You will find a log book at this location.
I trust your efforts have been blessed.