Iowa Hawkeye & UCONN Husky  LbNA # 43699

OwnerHurd of Turtles    
Placed DateAug 12 2008
Location???, IA
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Hike Distance?

Come see what IA Hawkeye and UCONN Husky fans have placed,
Deep in the County of Mitchell where 12 pines are laced.

From the “City of Maples” south on 218,
Drive until you meet
the 320th numbered street.

At that place you hang a right,
Until the old street is way out of sight.

Take note that B-17 is the same as 320,
Where you’ll see Iowa corn stalks a-plenty!

Soon over a bridge you will travel,
Go straight until you hit gravel.

When the groundhog sees its “Shadow”,
The “right” way is the way to go.

While heading north on this road prestine,
Up a ways on your left will be the “Stillwater” house of green.

Up next will be the road that marks the county line,
Swinging east on this “dead” end should give you a sign.

Here at this “dead” end you’ll meet
My dear 3 friends “Sweet”.

Their names are Ina, Elmer & Mae
But they don’t have much to say.

But if they could talk,
“Over the fence north you should walk!”

Back through the fence is the double gate,
Now count to the right, pines eight.

Oh, sorry, there’s really seven,
By that pine you’ll find heaven!