Argos Bell  LbNA # 43710 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 1 2008
LocationArgos, IN
Planted ByL.N.C.K.C Clan    
Found By MomCat
Last Found Nov 10 2008
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The Argos Bell!!!!

In the United States of America the handbell tune ringing revival got off to an earlier start. Handbells were probably first heard there during the mid- nineteenth century. The American impresario, PT Barnum, imported the 'Lancashire Ringers' from England but called them 'Swiss Bell Ringers'! and a number of other itinerant teams performed to the public throughout the Eastern States. However, modern handbell tune ringing in the U.S.A. and their Society, the American Guild of English Handbell Ringers, owe their present standing to Mrs. A.A. Shurcliff who in 1926, after returning from a trip to England, complete with a small set of handbells given to her by English tower bell ringers, rang carols on Beacon Hill, Boston. The sound was heard and liked by others who sent to England for further handbell sets. Interest snowballed under the guiding hand of Mrs. Shurcliff. The New England Guild was formed in her living room in 1937 and 1954 saw the birth of the American Guild of English Handbell Ringers, also at her home. Tune ringing in America has never looked back.

CLUE: Take US 31 To St Rd 10.Turn to the East.Follow this road till you find the "YEAR-ICK" on the Northside of the road.Follow this till you can not see it anymore.Feel free to pick a spot to park.If you walk to the north you will end up on the side walk.And If you stand on the side walk,(In front of the main doors to the dragons den.) and take a 360 look around you might see a "dragon" peeking in the "A".If you happen to see this,you might want to look down at the tail:) Becarefull of the stickers.

(Due to the fact the Bell Is not located outside,If the Dragons den is open,feel free to walk inside and take a look at the bell and many other things that the Dragons have something to be proud of.)
NEW UPDATE!!!!!!! This Box is belive not to be around anymore... Someone has taking this box and not retruned it... If any one has any info on this box please contact me.