A 4/80 Arty  LbNA # 43785

Placed DateOct 3 2008
CountyEl Paso
LocationColorado Springs, CO
Found By slartibartfast
Last Found Sep 22 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedSep 24 2015


Exit 149 Woodmen Rd from I-25. Head east on Woodmen to the first stoplight. Take a right on Vincent, left on Dublin, and a right at Pulpit Rock Dr. Continue until it dead ends. Park here but heed the warnings and do not block the fence.

Long ago in what seems like another world, throughout various parts of this land both near and far, our collective Uncle Sammy sent notices that he wanted a rag-tag and varied band of young boys to converge just outside of this fine city and learn to become men. So, being dutiful servants we came from all over this fine nation ... Texas ... Wisconsin ... Georgia ... the Dakota's ... the Carolina's ... Michigan ... Tennessee ... Pennsylvania ... Ohio ... New York ... New Jersey ... California ... Minnesota and Indiana. We came, we grew, we bonded. We became a brotherhood of strangers here in this land. When our time was up we went home and went on with our lives, proud in the fact that we had served together and we had served our country with dignity. Now, 40 years later, many of us have gathered here to re-acquaint ourselves...and to remember our time together here at Ft Carson in 1967-1968. God Bless all of us who served here in A Battery, 4th Battalion, 80 Artillery, 5th Army Group during that time. I love them all like brothers! This box is being placed to honor them all, both the living and those gone on ahead who served here during that time. The stamp is a replica of the 5th Army insignia we all wore on our shoulders back then. This weekend marked the 40th anniversary of our return to our families after our time here. What a great group of guys they are!
To get to this box:
Follow the trail south and head downhill over a concrete bridge. The trail will curve to the east and head back uphill. Follow the main trail east. You will again cross a concrete bridge and go up another hill. At the top of the hill you will find several clumps of shrubs on your right. Under a large rock under one of those shrubs you will find what you seek. If you follow the main trail a little farther, you will see a convenient bench on your left on which to stamp in.
Please be very discreet as this is very near the trail...be cautious and please rehide well.