Fall Harvest  LbNA # 43788

Placed DateOct 3 2008
LocationDavenport, IA
Planted Byqcms penguins    
Found By FireyBrunette
Last Found Apr 8 2009
Hike Distance?

Unfortunately several of these boxes did not survive the winter, not to mention a tree being chopped down. Hopefully repairs will be made soon.

For this 5 letterbox search you will want to park in the lot at the Duck Creek Park Lodge. You'll want to wear comfortable shoes, as the whole search will take you around the entire perimeter of the park. For a shorter search, try just boxes #1 and #2.

To Begin:
From the lot, peer beyond the back of the lodge, across the road, to a deck perched beneath a grove of pines and large trees. Enter the deck area via the stone path.

Here, two large trees appear in sight. Beneath the furthest, you'll find the loot, carefully tucked inside a root.

For #2-
Proceed down the hill, and take a quick left. On this path, you'll need to flow, to the tennis courts you must go.

Between the fences you must walk, away from the road and through twelve posts you will tramp, you'll find #2 beneath a nearby ramp.

For #3-
Congratulations! You're on your way, back to the road is where you must stay. Walk by the two ball fields, continue down the street, five cement walls to the right, as you trod, shall you meet.

You'll arrive at a gate, at the top of the way, on this path you'll want to stay. At the drinking fountain, hang a right, until the picnic table is in sight. Have a seat, take a rest, your halfway done with your quest. Near a spot where birds can nest, in the base of a tree the box does rest.

For #4-
Back to the path, the playground you must pass, bathrooms to the right, the path you must follow with all your might.
At its end, to the left,the posts will lead. Here the journey will unravel, to the cement wall you must travel. Stand on the grate, bend your knee, hidden beneath the wall, box #4 you will see.

For #5-
Now up the great hill, back to the lodge, around the back you must dodge. Up to the lot, 9 cement bumpers its got. All the way to the left, at the edge of the woods you will see, the stump that once was a great tree. Move the bark aside, the treasure is inside.