Spooky!  LbNA # 43800 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 4 2008
CountyAlberta, CAN
LocationSmoky Lake, ALB
Planted ByObliterate Apron    
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September 27, 2009: Unfortunately, all that remains of the "amazing gnarled tree" was the stump.

This box was placed on our way to the Smoky Lake Pumpkin Festival via the Victoria Trail. The box is placed in Victoria Settlement (16 kilometres south and east of Smoky Lake on highway 855).

At the back of the property and close to the river, there is a building which appears to be a concession. Twenty or so feet from that is a fire pit. Between the two is an amazing gnarled tree. Use one of the handy-dandy wood stumps from the fire pit to make yourself taller so you can peer down into a hole on top. You won't have to climb to find it. The box is in the hole, sitting on a little ledge on the left when looking from the "firepit side" (as opposed to the "concession side") of the tree. Look for a flash of blue which is the lid.

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