Buttermilk Falls Letterbox--Stokes State Forest  LbNA # 43810

Placed DateSep 20 2008
LocationBranchville, NJ
Found By Curious Family
Last Found May 9 2010
Hike Distance?

Buttermilk Falls Letterbox—Stokes State Forest--- New Jersey

From NYC, take I-80 about 40 miles west to exit 34. Head northwest 20 miles on Route 15. Continue northwest on US 206 for 8.5 miles to Struble Road 0.3 mile beyond the Stokes State Forestforest office. Turn left at the sign for the Kittatinny Boy Scout Reservation. Go west 4.3 miles. Pass the Tillman’s Ravine Natural Area. Buttermilk Falls are 2 miles south of Tillman Ravine adjacent to the 387-acre Walpack Wildlife Management Area. Turn left on Mountain Road (Walpack Cemetery marks the turn), and proceed 1.9 miles to the Buttermilk Falls parking area on the right.

BUTTERMILK FALLS cascades 90 feet spectacularly down the red shale face of the Kittatinny Ridge. The Appalachian Mountain Club and other volunteers built a stairway beside the 90-foot falls. The water bounces down the hill, spraying froth till it ripples out to a shallow pool, then slides through a culvert under the road. It meanders through the woods on its way to the Flatbrook and the Delaware River. Slabs of moss-covered shale that drop into gentle eddies are made for adventurers.

To find this letterbox, hold on to the railing!!! Follow the blue trail on a steep climb up to the top! Once at the top landing, the trail splits blue the right, green to the left. Follow green to the left. It is a short walk towards the end of this green trail. Look for a cluster of rocks on the right along the water. Between the triangular cluster of large rocks is the letterbox. Please be sure to reseal baggies and boxes carefully so that they stay dry and rehide boxes in their original location, completely hidden from view.

If you still have time, it is well worth a ride back up to hike the beautiful Tillman Ravine trail too!