The Red Caboose  LbNA # 43814

Placed DateOct 4 2008
LocationBandera, TX
Found By fmw/kbc
Last Found Oct 12 2013
Hike Distance?

The Red Caboose

While visiting the town of Bandera and checking out the “old jail” that Cancan tells you about, continue on down the road (North) to Maple Street. At the corner of 173 and Maple St you’ll see Pioneer River Resort, that’s where you need to go and park in the front parking lot.

Once you have parked you’ll walk around check out things and you’ll see a big red caboose stopped on a set of tracks…make your way over there. Check it out, it’s a real caboose and that has been converted into a cute little rental cabin ( Find the center window on the side of the caboose and you’ll notice two metal posts sticking out below that window….look behind that area and you’ll find your box.