Benson Braves  LbNA # 43830

OwnerWhirly-Girl Wanna Be    
Placed DateOct 5 2008
LocationBenson, MN
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Start your search in Benson where highways 9, 29, and 12 come together. It's the corner where you'll find Molly's Portrait Studio, just south of Burger King. Turn west, as if you've decided to visit Morris.

You will pass a place where guests are welcome to play, and then a place where you can make a splash (if the weather is warm enough). Soon after you cross the Chippewa, you will find a sign telling you it's OK to turn right if you want to rest a while. You are now in Ambush Park, the site of an Indian massacre in the mid 1800's, and now a nature park and campground. If you stop at the information display on your left, you can pick up a guide which will teach you more about the park as you search for the letterbox.

Continue northward on the paved drive, passing the volleyball pit and and the playground on the right. You will soon see a row of small boulders. Park near where the VFW has invited you to picnic. Find the number "1", and you will be ready start travelling the trail, where they require you to keep left if you're hoofing it, and right if you're pedaling.

You will pass a sign which wants to teach you about bugs (icky), and then a butterfly garden (delightful). Pass numbers 2 through 5. When you come to number 6, you will have the chance to take off onto a grassy trail heading north. Instead, just to the left of this trail, you will see a many-branched tree. At its base on the right side, there is a collection of cut logs. The letterbox is between these logs, near the trunk of the tree.