View of the Valley  LbNA # 43834

Placed DateAug 30 2008
LocationMount Vernon, WA
Last Found Aug 23 2009
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View of the Valley

Please enjoy a wonderful series of views of the Skagit Valley from the start and end viewing points. Any time of year is great, but the spring bulb season when the daffodils, tulips, or irises are in bloom is particularly stunning.

Head to Little Mountain Park in Mount Vernon, WA (98274) and drive up to the lookout areas (the road will end at the main lookouts). Park in the Southern end of the lot and head up the hill to check out the view from the Pickering Viewpoint. Now head down the hill to the Northern end of the parking lot where you will see a trail marked by two green posts. Start down this trail and you will soon pass Bess and Ronís iron trees. You are on the right track! You will come to a bend in the trail where the left side is shored with a stone retaining wall. At the end of the wall you will notice a small trail to the left, take this trail but donít go too far! If you hit the guidewire, turn around. You will find what you are looking for back in the retaining wall, in a crevasse beneath the fourth boulder from the left end of the wall. This can be a popular trail on nice days, so be careful when unearthing and rehiding your find! If you would like a good place to stamp, head further down the main trail to the North Point Lookout where you will see another spectacular view of the Valley. There are picnic tables near this viewpoint. Just donít forget to replace the box where you found it as you make your way back up the trail that you just came from to get the parking lot. Enjoy!

Stamp markers are recommended. A stamp pad is not included in this box.