Minor Meandering  LbNA # 43848 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 5 2008
LocationBellingham, WA
Found By Mariner Fan
Last Found Nov 9 2008
Hike Distance?

Minor Meandering

These two boxes have first-finder rewards in them. If you are planning this hunt as a series of two, consider leaving the second box’s prize for another letterboxer, as these clues are laid out to easily find. Enjoy the journey!

Minor Meandering (Box #1)
This interurban part of the Bay to Baker Trail is a nice walking, jogging or biking trail which passes through the Birchwood Neighborhood. Journeying on this trail one could conceivably: enjoy nature on the trail, witness a ball game*, buy a jar of local honey, and take in the sunset at Little Squalicum Beach. Where else, but in Bellingham?

Start at the Cedarwood Ave. trailhead of the Bay to Baker Trail for Box #1. Approximately 100 feet onto the trail you’ll see a lone fence panel on the right. And you’ll begin to see metal fence posts along the way. Soon, you’ll see a large (2’ diameter) Black Pine that has a fence post right in front of it—this is where you stop. (If you approach a brown out-building, you’ve gone a bit too far.)
Now turn to the left side of the trail and proceed up and onto the berm. There you will see a large, spreading Vine Leaf Maple. Look down on the ground to its right at the arrangement of logs, and at this base is your prize (bark marks the spot).

Meandering Farther (Box #2)
Now you continue strolling west on the BtoB tail. You’ll pass the Birchwood Park on your right and also another trail junction that leads to a newly-developing ball park extraordinaire—go ahead and stray to the fence and take in the panoramic view. (*Someday this will be quite a large park with lots of activity, linking the Birchwood and Columbia Neighborhoods.)
Once back on the trail, you’ll soon cross Patton Street. Take note of the “Christmas trees” on the left of the trail--you’re seeking the 6th Evergreen, which is directly across from a grove of wild Cherry Trees. (Again, bark marks the spot.).