Old Glory Waves  LbNA # 43852

OwnerAHG Tenderfoot    
Placed DateSep 25 2008
LocationKerrville, TX
Found ByBloomin' Gramma Jo
Last UpdateMar 29 2014
Hike Distance?


This box is hidden in the Kerrville-Schriener City Park, the side across from the river. Begin at Trailhead 2 shown on the visitor’s map. Go around the barbed-wire fence to the right, and curve around to the left. Follow the Red Trail straight (do not turn left at the green arrow). Go down the first set of steps and on ahead. Go Left at the “T”, following the green arrow—you are now on the green trail. Take the first right, about ten steps. Come to the second set of steps or stairs. When you to the last step, look to the left off the train under the roots of the large fallen tree.