E I E I O  LbNA # 43875

Placed DateOct 5 2008
LocationMukwonago, WI
Found By The "Sneak"-ers
Last Found Apr 22 2013
Hike Distance?

Mukwonago Park, Mukwonago, WI I 43S, exit #43/Waterford/Mukwonago. Take 83 N to Eagle Lake Ave (CR-LO, turn left on it (west) and go about 3 miles to entrance. Park in picnic areas 2/3.

Terrain: Hilly

Bring: Compass and markers. Re-hide all boxes really well, especially the last one.

Old MacDonald has just completed his last farm chores for the day and he was just about to take off for his favorite store in Mukwonago, when he realizes that someone left a gate open and some of his animals are missing. He is highly suspicious that they have taken off to Mukwonago Park as they love to hide in the woods or splash in the pond. MacDonald decides to ask a group of his letterboxing friends to help him find the animals. They all start out for box #1, which identifies the mode of transportation McD will use to round up the animals.

From the red building located just north of the parking lots, they all head straight up the hill behind it, hoping they might see the animals from the top of the hill. At the top of the hill, they find a road and turned right on it. They find a dirt path and turn right again. As they walk on the path, they see a sign that reads, ‘Walk-in Camping’. As they walk into that area, they start counting 40 paces, and see a wide path to their left. They turn onto the path and immediately start counting 50 paces, look right and they just know they’ve located their mode of transportation hidden in a fallen tree.

With their transportation identified, they head back to the dirt path and take it in the original direction they came until they come back to the paved road. They turn right on it and then quickly left past bathrooms. ‘Driving’ downhill, they come to a green sign. Old McD thought he saw his ‘alarm clock’ move in the bushes near a shagbark hickory and a grand old oak at 320 degrees! Everyone hops off the ‘mode of transportation’, takes 20 paces behind the oak and lo and behold, there hides the ‘alarm clock’ inside a fallen tree!

With one animal in hand, the group gets back on the path and heads downhill. They see a sign that reads, ‘Legacy Forest’ and turn right, then quickly left past a beautiful red barn. McD is sure one of the animals is hiding there—he is wrong. So they pass the barn and head toward the pond. Sure enough, there is movement on the other side of it by the pine trees. The troupe troops that way on the west side of the pond until they come to a ‘Y’. They take the branch closest to the pond and check pine 1, pine 2, pine 3, and pine 4—nothing. But standing right by pine 4, another flurry of movement is heard in the bushes at 80 degrees! Sure enough, with a bit of searching near the banks of the other pond, there is animal #2, trying to wallow. They grab him up, return to the grass path and head due south to the main road.

The ‘mode of transportation’ moves very carefully east on the road, as traffic has been known to be somewhat unkind to slower-moving vehicles. As soon as the entourage can, they head back into the park and onto the sandy beach. They cross the beach and move toward the parking just east of it. They come upon a babbling brook and follow it to a large weeping willow tree. (Some are on the wrong side of the brook and they have to jump it). Where is that last animal? What? How did it get that high! But they find it, MacDonald is now happy that he has recovered his lost animals and he invites everyone who helped for a piece of apple pie in a bag from his favorite store, The Elegant Farmer. So they all jump back onto the ‘mode of transportation, Took LO back to Hwy. 83-S to ES and they stay on ES until they see the smiley barn. They all really enjoy that pie!