Jarre Headstone/Gone For Colorado  LbNA # 43922

OwnerRafter Fish    
Placed DateSep 13 2008
LocationSedalia, CO
Found By Seekers Two
Last Found Jun 13 2015
Hike Distance?

Songwriter Juni Fisher found the graves of her great grandfather's first wife, and child, and the discovery led her to write an album of music that chronicled her great grandfather's early life, and the long covered family secret involving his first wife and child. The letterbox here marks the first of the discoveries, the grave.

From Sedalia, Colorado's main "drag", take highway 67 towards the mountains, across the bridge, to CO Highway 105, and turn left.
Past Pine Cliff Avenue and the mile 28 marker, it the St Phillip in the Field Episcopalian Church, and the Bear Canon
Enter the second set sandstone gates, and park in the parking area for cemetary visitors. Facing the church, look to the right, and enter the path to the left of the handicapped parking sign. Go 30 paces, and turn left, passing between the headstones of the Nelson family. then turn right, in front of Capt R.L. Brooking's headstone, go 15 paces, and turn left, between the Sutton's headstone...one is upright, one is flat.

Make your way to the back of the cemetary to the two iron fences. at the iron fences, turn to your left, and look behind the overgrown tree that is to the left of the headstone for Marquis Victor. There is a red granite stone, with the name JARRE at the bottom. The woman and daughter buried there are Christina and Emma Overstreet.
The pouch is hidden under a rock, to the left of the stone, under a 4 trunked cedar tree. It contains a booklet, stamp, and an inkpad.