Halloween Series (3)  LbNA # 43927 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerGracie's HOPE    
Placed DateOct 10 2008
LocationSan Antonio, TX
Found By Mosaic Butterfly
Last Found Mar 9 2010
Hike Distance?

Halloween Series (3)

***I have heard this park had construction and all three are missing. ***

This series was planted while I was visiting San Antonio for the first time for a work conference. Couldn't pass up the opportunity to find and plant some letterboxes on this short trip!

I headed out to O.P. Schnabel Park to find the "Signs of Summer" series (which was great by the way!).

Park in the parking lot for the playground. Begin at the main paved trail (Level 1) by the playground and head straight until you reach the large metal pavilion with concrete tables. (This is also the start for the Signs of Summer Second Set 6-9).


Stand at the water fountain as if taking a drink, and look beyond the garbage can to see a dirt path. Starting at the dirt path, take 32 steps and notice a large fallen tree on the left. Near the end of the tree look under rocks for "The Bat."


Continuing from there, take 25 steps and take the dirt path on the left. Ten steps later, take a right onto the main paved path. Follow along this path about 65-70 steps and notice a large twisted tree on the right. One of the limbs has a huge open hole. (Don't worry you don't have to stick your hand down there, it looks deep and a great home for animals!) Instead, look behind the tree under some bark for "The Witch."


Continue along the trail until you see the trail marker (also a bench on the left). Take a right down the path and come to an open clearing on the right. Notice a bare tree about 10-12 feet tall and a few other Texas-type plants (sorry I'm a New Yorker, don't know the names!) in the center of the clearing. Look by the base of the bare tree under a few rocks for "The Pumpkin."

To get out, continue back on the main path until you come to a T, take a right, then upon another T, take another right. Continue until you reach the parking lot.