Brownie Butterfly in the Woods  LbNA # 43928

OwnerBAP Family    
Placed DateOct 10 2008
LocationAthens, OH
Found By Stinkyboras
Last Found Jun 27 2010
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is hidden in the Land Lab of Morrison Elementary school by Brownie Troop 5864. The following directions begin from the intersection of Ohio State Route 682 and Ohio State Route 56 in Athens, OH.

1. Follow SR56 (also known as West Union Street) 0.9 miles west.
2. Arrive at 793 West Union Street, the home of Morrison Elementary School.
3. As you face the school from the parking lot, follow the walkway on the right side of the school (Beacon School will be on your right as you follow the walkway).
4. Continue walking on the same line across the asphalt part of the playground, past the jungle gym, and follow the chain link fence to the tree line. On your right, you’ll see a picnic shelter area.
5. Find the opening in the tree line that marks the beginning of a path into the woods. This opening will be roughly 10 yards to the right of the straight line extended from the walkway beside Morrison Elementary.
6. Enter the opening and you will be in the Morrison Elementary Land Lab.
7. Follow the path across a very small creek until you come to 4 pine trees in a line running parallel to the tree line where the path began. You’ll see an observation shelter and picnic table to your right.
8. Follow the path to the left, approximately 25-30 yards. You’ll find a sign for a “White Pine” near a small strand of white pines situated around a picnic table.
9. Move through the strand and follow the path to the left, past a bird house on top of a pole to your right (appx. 10 yards down the path) and a sign for a Flowering Dogwood on your left (appx. 20 yards down the path).
10. About five yards past the Flowering Dogwood sign will be a small open area on your left. Face the open area (so that your left side is facing the path you just followed).
11. Move straight ahead to the edge of the open area. Find the unreadable tree sign (like the White Pine and Flowering Dogwood signs) at the edge of the overgrown area bordering the open area.
12. Look behind the post for the unreadable tree sign to find the letterbox (watch out for the thorn-covered vines that overhang the area to your right!).