2017  LbNA # 43932

Placed DateOct 10 2008
LocationLisbon Falls, ME
Found By angel treads
Last Found Nov 22 2009
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is placed in honor of the class of 2017, the first kindergarten class to start at the new Lisbon Community School.
There are two ways you can come at this letterbox. The first is right off Rte. 196 on Mill St. Turn onto Mill St. and go until you see the entrance for the Lisbon Community School, park in the lot furthest back and right at the entrance to the Papermill Walking Trail. The second is also off Rte. 196 on Frost Hill Ave; just past Karate Kids and the ice cream shop. Directly after turning onto Frost Hill there is a parking lot for the Papermill Walking Trail, park there. Jump onto the walking path from either direction enjoy the scenery and listen to the sounds of the river as you walk the path. If you came from the school side, you will soon come across a bench dedicated in memoriam, keep walking or take a break and sit a spell. Keep strolling until you can see another bench, but before you reach it you will notice a little wooded path off on your left side. Were you to have started from Frost Hill you would enjoy the walk until you came to the bench that is compliments from a bank, and walk just a little past until you spotted the wooded path on your right. Follow this path until you notice on your right an old rusted stove on its side, and a car grille that has seen better days. A short distance from the grille is a low stump and there awaits your quarry.