Highest Box in NJ  LbNA # 43946

OwnerDragon Slayers    
Placed DateOct 11 2008
LocationSussex, NJ
Found By JerseyTrailblazers
Last Found Apr 14 2014
Hike Distance?

Go to High Point State Park. Drive up to the last parking lot near the monument.

Walk up the hill to the monument. When you are looking at the monument straight ahead ,on the right side of the monument you will see a path. Walk down this path.

Pass the spotlights that light the tower at night on your right. A short way ater these lights you will find a "clearing" off the path on the left. Walk about 30 paces up into this clearing. Here you will find a path made of stone. Follow this path about 30 paces. On your left will be a big dead tree. At the base of this tree will be what you are looking for.

Please reseal everything well, and rehide well.

There are a few other boxes in this area . Be sure to check them out.