Evergreen Bowls's Hidden Treasure  LbNA # 43956 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 28 2008
LocationJuneau, AK
Found By Explorin Orren
Last Found Oct 27 2009
Hike Distance?

Evergreen Bowls's Hidden Treasure

This letterbox is located in Cope Park - formerly called Evergreen Bowl - located just off Calhoun Avenue in Juneau, Alaska.

To get there from downtown Juneau, go up Main Street from fisherman's wharf. Turn left on 4th Street. This street winds down past the Juneau City Museum, the State Office building and under a pedestrian overpass. As you continue down the street you will pass the Governor's mansion. Continue on until you come to a fork in the road. The right fork will go uphill, the left down a hill. Take the left fork as it curves downhill. At the bottom of the hill on the right you will see the sign at the entrance of the park. Turn right into the park and continue on the winding road up to the parking lot. Make sure you take note of the beautiful Gold Creek on your left - it was further up this creek that gold was first discovered by the white man in Juneau (More history is given in the letterbox's logbook).

Once you are in the parking lot find the bear-proof garbage can - it looks like a large, brown mail drop box. From the left of this garbage can, look up toward the trees. You will see to large paths going off to your left - one leads uphill a little and the other goes off to the left and is more flat. From your spot by the garbage can proceed down the left trail about 25 paces. As you near the end of that distance you will pass 3 good sized rocks in the middle of the trail. From there look to your right - there will be a larger rock buried partly in the hill. Just above the rock you will see a tree sitting on the edge of the hill will many of it's roots exposed. On the left side of the roots behind a flat rock, you will find the box.

Warning - this park is a popular place. There are often people around and this area is fairly exposed - so be sneaky when finding and replacing the box. And please be careful when replacing the rock to make sure that it is well hidden. The rock placed in front of the roots has a bunch of dirt and growth on it to make it look natural - be careful not to disturb this.

Thanks so much - and have fun!