Easy to Get To, Number 2  LbNA # 43973

OwnerWhirly-Girl Wanna Be    
Placed Date
LocationAlexandria, MN
Found By The Happy Wanderer
Last Found Sep 7 2009
Hike Distance?

The first "Easy to Get To" letterbox disappeared right after it was placed. I decided to try again, and hope this one will be there a little longer. Please be sure it is carefully hidden after you stamp in, so it won't be found by non-letterboxers.

The name of this letterbox refers not to where it's hidden, but rather to the motto for the city of Alexandria. It's "easy to get to, hard to leave". The letterbox is pretty easy to get to, as well. To find it, travel on Broadway south of the mall, and turn west on the street that has the same number as the birthday on which a Hispanic girl celebrates her Quinceañera. When you come to the dead end, turn left. You will find a small parking lot next to the place that was built "by skaters, for skaters".

Park here, and stand facing north, so that you see a double digit number across the reeds. Walk around the reeds to the west, past the smallest double-digit number. Walk past a large tree with many trunks, standing by itself in the field.

When you come to the edge of the pond, walk around the pond counter-clockwise. You will pass a few other numbers. After you see the the number 17, take advantage of the red metal X's you see on the left. On the other side, walk staight ahead.

You will come to a red barrier, just before a sign that reminds you of how many legs there are on a spider. When you come to this spot, turn to the right. You will soon come to a rather large, many-trunked tree. Just to its left is a smaller tree with a trunk that has broken off and has fallen toward the lake. The letterbox is hidden in the tree in the space made where this dead trunk attaches to the main tree. It will be easier to find if you go around to the other side of the tree. Please, please, be sure it is carefully tucked in place and covered with bark so it has a chance to stay there for many more letterboxers to find.