Just Another Wild Flower  LbNA # 43977

OwnerLittle Butterfly      
Placed DateOct 4 2008
LocationTable Rock State Park, Forest, SC
Found Bytraveljam
Last UpdateJul 3 2011


Hi this is my FIRST letter box.i'm so glad to be starting out.I guess that makes me a junior letterboxer i'm so glad to be putting this letterbox up!ATTENTION:Follow clue carefully and have fun!!!!


Heading toward Table Rock's peak, past governers rock, you will see a sign saying Table Rock Elevation:???? ft.
You will be amazed at how far you have hiked.Facing the sign to your left you should see a double-trunked tree with old nail holes in it.Go behind that tree and stand back-to-back with it.Take about 19 steps foward.To your right you should see an uprooted log.Look behind this log and growing there is Just Another Wild Flower.PLEASE rehide well!!!!

-Little Butterfly