The Pierogi Letterbox  LbNA # 43981 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerDoodle & Deedle Bug    
Placed DateOct 12 2008
LocationParma, OH
Found By bibliophile
Last Found Sep 12 2010
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The Pierogi Letterbox

Planted By Doodle & Deedle Bug
State: Ohio
County: Cuyahoga
Nearest City: The Eastern-European Capital of Northeast Ohio, also known as Parma
Number of Boxes: 1
Planted on 10/12/2008
Status: Active

It started off innocently enough. It was December 2006, and someone on the Letterboxing Great Lakes Yahoo Talk List started a discussion on Christmas traditions. This led to talk of various Polish Christmas traditions, which led to talk of various Polish foods, including the delectable pierogi (which isn’t claimed by the Polish alone, but by just about every Eastern-European ethnic group). This led to talk of just the pierogi (also found spelled as perogi, perogy, pirohi, piroghi, pirogi, pirogen, piroshke or pyrohy). MUCH talk about pieorgies. Making them, buying them, cooking them, eating them. Oh, we’re getting hungry just thinking about them!

Evidently the pierogi discussion so moved Doodle that she even had a dream about pierogies one night. This, she determined, was a sign from above that we were destined to plant a letterbox in honor of the great pierogi. And where better to plant a letterbox in honor of the pierogi than in Parma, Ohio, the Eastern-European Capital of Northeastern Ohio. Seriously, have you ever driven through Parma? Every five blocks there’s an Eastern-European church! And we attend one of them! Both Doodle and Deedle are proud pieorgi eaters of Polish-Croatian-Ukrainian-Slovakian descent. And procrastinators, which is why it’s taken almost two years since that dream to plant this box. But enough of that, on to the pieorgi (or perogi, perogy, pirohi, piroghi, pirogi, pirogen, piroshke or pyrohy, depending on your preferred spelling).


Your search begins at the West Creek Reservation. If you’re coming from Broadview Road, you’ll turn west onto West Ridgewood Drive where, hey, St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Cathedral is on the corner! (This is not the church that we attend, but Doodle’s parents had their wedding reception here.) The entrance to the West Creek Reservation is across the street from the St. Sava’s picnic grove.

Once at the West Creek Reservation, park and follow the big gravel path south. Cross the bridge and follow the path as it heads left and around the "DO NOT ENTER HIGH VOLTAGE" razor-wire rimmed fenced-in area where Deedle wants to film a zombie movie. The path you want goes straight into the woods.

When you reach the fork (Fork? Hey, that will come in handy for eating pierogies!) take the path to the left. Soon you'll come to another bridge. Word of warning, the step on either side of the bridge right now is a bit of a doozey, as in, there are no steps to get you onto the bridge. It is possible to heave yourself onto the bridge and jump off the other side without breaking bones, since we did it to plant this box, or if the creek is shallow enough you can wade across it if you don't mind your feet getting wet. Or you can try to use stepping stones in the creek bed to cross (but some of those rocks are slippery and you may still get your feet wet). Since this reservation is still "under construction" one day the bridge should become a little more user-friendly.

Once you manage to make it across the creek, take ten paces from the bridge straight ahead so that you end up between two fallen logs. At about 115º you'll see a dirt path. Take this path to where it meets up with another dirt path from the left. At this intersection take a reading of 65º. Head towards the 3-trunk tree propped up by a plank of wood. The box is hidden around the back of the tree in the nook of the three trunks.

Rehide the box back in the nook (keep this box off the ground in case of flooding) and cover with plenty of fallen bark and branches so that the box is not visible. Then retrace your steps to get back to your car so you can visit the Pierogi Palace.

Our Fine Print: Please be kind, be sure to re-hide (well) in the same location you found the box, with everything in tact! If this letterbox requires maintenance or needs our attention, or you know of someplace new we can get a good pierogi fix, we can be reached at doodle_n_deedle @

IMPORTANT! Before you begin any letterboxing regiment you must first read and accept the Waiver of Responsibility and Disclaimer located at the Letterboxing North America website!