Nature Lover  LbNA # 43996

OwnerPink House Family      
Placed DateOct 13 2008
LocationLogan/Rockbridge, OH
Found Byjomochri3
Last UpdateOct 22 2012


Your adventure begins in the Cantwell Cliffs parking lot. Step onto the path and pose for a picture with the redundant signs. This is a good time to familiarize yourself with the map. You will be taking the red trail today. You will pass a shelter and come to a flight of stairs. When you reach the T at the end of the stairs, turn left and venture down another flight of steps. Stop and try to lick your elbow, then continue through the Fat Woman's Squeeze, if you're able. Walk down some more steps. With a tree to your left, take out your compass and turn 360 degrees. Turn right at the fork in the road and climb the broken stairs. You will see an enormous tree swallowing up a boulder -- the box you're looking for is snuggled inside the V of the tree's roots, under a blanket of rocks and leaves. Please rehide it carefully when you're finished stamping!