OwnerFab Five    
Placed DateOct 14 2008
LocationPotosi, WI
Found By The Dragon
Last Found Jul 17 2009
Hike Distance?

***4/30/13***Letterbox Missing

The Grant River Recreation area is located 2 miles southeast of Potosi, Wisconsin off Highway 133….or drive south on the World’s Longest Main Street down Potosi and take a left onto River Lane Road. The area provides camping, picnicking, fishing, and boat access to the Upper Mississippi River.
The southwestern corner of Wisconsin was untouched by glacers and is now called the "driftless" area. It is a beautiful area of deep valleys, ridges, and bluffs that were not flattened by the glaciers. The banks of the river in this area were discovered to be a large Native American burial site. Woodland Indians who lived here 1000 years ago had used copper instruments, jewelry, and river resources which were found. The Grant River Recreational Area is protected under Title 36, so no digging or ground disturbance is allowed.
Over 70 camping sites (RV and tent) are located at the campground, which is open from April through October each year. As you drive into the campground, be sure to wave at the campers because this is an extremely laid-back, friendly bunch of people! Driving slowly to your left (heading east), you will pass the river & a playground area on your right as you meander through the camp. Park your vehicle to the right of RV lots 40 and 41. East of this little parking lot is a small ampitheatre complete with 8 benches and a large screen. Imagine giving a nature talk to an audience as you walk down the middle aisle. When you pass the final two benches and the electric pedestal, you will keep walking forward 12 paces (east) toward the wooded area. Stop and look to your left—there should be a lone elm tree. Looking directly ahead of you, you will see a white birch tree and the railroad tracks up in the distance. To your right will be a short trail into the woods. (If there is a large split-trunk maple to your left, you’ve gone too far…back up!)
Take that right and go 26 paces (southeast) into the woods, staying on the trail. Now you will need to take a right off of the trail (heading southwest, toward the river) and go 17 paces into the woods. You should arrive at two tall trees (a maple and an oak) with a double stump between them. Be sure to leave your stamp as to WHO! WHO! you are when you find the box hidden in the rotting stump. Please be sure to put the box back safely in the stump ledged in the good wood, as this area has been known to get flooded at times.
Thank you ! Best wishes !