Flying Free  LbNA # 4402

Placed DateJun 19 2003
LocationIdaho Falls, ID
Found By Ramdelt
Last Found May 28 2008
Hike Distance?

Alive and well 8/01/2005

Directions: From Hwy 20 take the Riverside Dr./Freemont Ave. exit. (It is the exit on the east side of the Snake River) Turn north onto Freemont Ave. Turn left on Presto Street into Fremman Park.

Clue: Start from the south side of the Veteran's Memorial. Find the number 9 at 120 degrees. Then go 150 degrees for 54 steps. Then walk straight east to the creek. Follow the creek path down stream to the bridge. Cross the bridge. Follow back upstream to the broken arm of the willow. Behind the broken arm, nestled between the strong arm and the rock alter, under twigs and leaves, is the box you seek.