Waterfall Trail  LbNA # 44036

Placed DateOct 14 2008
LocationMilford, KS
Found By Butterfly Jane
Last Found Nov 9 2009
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Waterfall Trail

Milford Lake is located just north of Interstate 70 about 65 miles west of Topeka. From Topeka, take I-70 west to Exit 295, then north on US 77 for 4 miles to K-57. Then turn left on K-57 and go 1.5 miles to the Milford Lake Information Center. The address is:
3612 State Park Rd.
Milford, KS 66514

Waterfall Trail - A .6 mile walk that leads you through woodland and prairie habitats. A man made waterfall and pond is located at the trailhead.

As you pull into the state park area you will see an information area on the right hand side. Park here and walk toward the pay station at the park entrance. Look to your right just before you get to the pay station. There across the grass you will see the entrance to the Waterfall Trail. Pass under the frame around the trail entrance. From here you can go either left or right. Follow the trail until you see a bench to rest on. Have a seat and take a small break. While you are resting, take a minute to look around in the woods in front of you. You will see a fallen tree 31 steps into the woods. From the bench walk 31 steps into the woods to the tree. Look under the furtherest park of the log. The area furtherest from the trail. There you will find what you seek.

Please make sure you rehide the box well out of site. This is a trail that many people use. Be careful not to be seen.