Chip, Chip, Chipmunk!  LbNA # 44043

Placed DateOct 15 2008
LocationWatertown, WI
Planted ByGirl Scout Troop 985    
Found By farmgirlcc
Last Found Apr 12 2009
Hike Distance?

Brandt Quark Park is on the northwest side of Watertown. On Hwy 26, just north of Watertown, turn east on Endeavor Drive and continue to the stop sign. Turn right onto Carriage Hill Drive and park right there along the trees.
Walk to the NW corner of the intersection, and enter the park walking north until you reach the cornfield. Turn eastward and walk up the path toward the woods. Take the 1st left on the trail. Where the trail splits, veer right and go into the trees. Do not take any of the trails on the sides. Continue on the main trail until you go downhill, and you reach the clearing at the bottom. Turn west. Behind the frisbee goal is a large fallen tree. There are many chipmunks here! The box is hidden in the largest tree- under the bark.
To leave the park, you can continue on the path that you were on, and it will take you to the line of trees by which you have parked.

If you don't like to go uphill, follow this clue:
Enter the park as in the other clue. At the cornfield don't turn, but continue north along the field until the trail end. Turn east here and follow the trail past all turnoffs. There will be a sign that says do not enter- one way, but this is for frisbee golf. Keep going, following the cornfield on your left. When the trail turns into the woods you will see a clearing. To the west is a frisbee goal. Behind the goal is a large fallen tree. The box is inside the tree under the bark. Beware of chipmunks!

Dogs are allowed in this park.

This box contains a stamp pad, but may not work well when it's cold. It may be a good idea to bring along a marker of your favorite color.

Please re-hide the box well as there are a lot of frisbee golf players! Thanks!