A Tasty Treat  LbNA # 44053

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Placed DateOct 15 2008
Location???, CT
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~The day dawned bright and sunny. It was a perfect fall morning. Where to go? What to do?

Well that was easy. A hike with the pups was definitely in order.

It would only take a few minutes to put together a lunch for myself and pack a bag with water and treats for the pups.

We hopped in the car and headed out. We found a wonderful blue trail that started out as a woodland path near a lake.

We walked on and on. The pups were enjoying the freedom and I was enjoying the gorgeous scenery.

We crossed the Air Line Trail and then a few town roads.

After about 3.5 miles, we came to a pretty little overlook that had an elevation of 670'. It was the perfect place to stop and eat our lunch.

We continued on in a generally Northern direction.

We crossed a couple more roads and then even passed by a Civilian Conservation Corps trail.

Next came a scenic waterfall. The pups had a great time splashing in it.

After a little over four miles more, we were starting to get tired. Also, the sun had been replaced by clouds and it was starting to get chilly. It was late in the afternoon at this point.

I dug in my pack for a jacket and also happened to find a packet of hot cocoa mix. Hmmm, now if I could just find a place to safely build a small fire to heat water I would really have it made.

It just so happened that I came across the perfect spot!!

I soon had a small fire blazing in the hearth. The water boiled and I poured my hot cocoa.

It was a little too warm to drink, so I decided to walk around a bit until it cooled off.

The area was full of history.

From where I heated the water I took a reading of 200 degrees and walked towards the treeline.

I found a tree that matched the number of pups I had with me. **If you look here you can see a picture of them-
It had a mossy, rock slab behind it.

I set my hot cocoa down on the rock and it slid off of the end and pooled under the far edge.

We had a great hike, even without the cocoa

I hope you do too!

{Just maybe if you look under that edge you will find the remains of my hot cocoa.}