Box needs first aid - see comments in Status page Great Cedars Conservation Area West  LbNA # 44056

Placed DateOct 26 2008
LocationOld Saybrook, CT
Planted ByOld Saybrook Land Tr    
Found By Forevergrateful
Last Found Jun 13 2016
Hike Distance?
Last EditedSep 28 2015

Enjoy the contents of our letterboxes - remember to reseal tightly and replace where found, hidden from view!

From the parking lot of Great Cedars Conservation Area West on Ingham Hill Road follow the gravel road (yellow trail) keeping the bog to your right. After passing an outhouse, leave the road going straight to enter a footpath.

Counting the 1st yellow blaze at the entrance of the path, continue to 2nd yellow blaze from which you take 5 paces, turn right and look behind a 4 ft stump and under a rock for Letterbox #1.

Keep going on the yellow blazed path until it intersects the blue trail where you take a right turn to continue.

After reaching a large fern patch (seasonal – appears as a clearing in winter) on your left, search carefully on the right for a 15 ft high dead tree stump with a hole at the base. What a great place for small critters to hide and Letterbox #2, too!

Continue on the blue trail passing through the first mountain laurel grove (State Flower of Connecticut) to reach a small clearing on the left where you will find Letterbox #3 behind the lone beech tree (smooth silvery-gray bark).

Back on the trail stop at the 2nd blue blaze to your left, on another beech, face the tree and look for twin trees immediately to the left where Letterbox #4 is hidden.

Walking along the trail, look ahead for a dead tree whose 3 trunks reach out, pointing across the path - look on the right side of the path under the largest log to find Letterbox #5.

After walking up a gentle grade you will reach a red blaze and sign which marks a trail to Town Park - turn left to continue on the blue blazed trail where you will find Letterbox #6 hidden behind two large boulders immediately on your right.

The trail will meander down a hill where you will be looking for an 8 ft dead tree which is pointing the way through a Y-like sapling - from here count 15 paces, stop at the rock in the middle of the path and turn left - count 20 paces into the woods to a rock beneath a tall, twisted mountain laurel to find Letterbox #7.

Further along the trail you will see a cluster of large boulders upland to your left – proceed on the trail through a patch of raspberry and barberry briars. (Note: Barberry is an invasive plant which is alien to the ecosystem and can out-compete and displace native species.) When the trail opens up you will sight a large rock in the distance, sit awhile and sign in our book which is found in the last Letterbox #8.

Enjoy your walk back continuing on the blue trail, which meets once again the yellow trail, to gravel road and parking lot.