The Guild of Intergon  LbNA # 44074

OwnerMojo in the woods    
Placed DateOct 11 2008
LocationSperryville, VA
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At 3268 feet you'll find the summit post atop this old mountain. Pull a rag from your pack to wipe your brow. From this brief stop go Northeast 20 paces along the trail. Then leave the trail and carefully head North 36 paces through the brush. Turn to your right and walk through the many limbed tree to find a 'no camping' post just on the other side. Turn left at the post, facing Northwest, and take a few steps up to the rock. Climb this rock and turn right, facing North. Now make the leap of faith. Cross two pools. Beneath the stones at the base of the lonely pine you'll find what you're looking for.

Welcome to the Guild of Intergon!