Trail of Fears: Gephyrophobia  LbNA # 44091

Placed DateOct 19 2008
LocationWelch, MN
Found By Dartmoor Dreamer
Last Found Jul 28 2009
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It is well known that letterboxing has helped many people with their
physical problems. This Trail of Fears series is designed to help deal with mental
ones as well. Some commonly occurring irrational hangups can be
overcome by employing the highly successful treatment known as
"encounter therapy". Compared to consulting a psychiatrist, you can
amortize the cost of your gas for letterboxing in one easy session.

Gephyrophobia , the fear of crossing bridges, can also be vanquished by commuting, but letterboxing is much less nerve-wracking.

To get to the box get to Welch Village. In fact, park at the small lot where County Road 7 crosses the Cannon Valley Trail just east of the village. From there head east on the trail, by foot or by bike, for 0.6 miles. In so doing you'll cross over three bridges. The third one is the longest. On its west end is the Marshall Memorial Rest Stop. After resting a bit get up your nerve and cross over the bridge. Underneath the east end you'll find the letterbox.

Until Nov. 1 there is a $3/day or $20/year pass required for biking or rollerblading on the trail. Otherwise it's free.

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