Trail of Fears: Acrophobia  LbNA # 44093

Placed DateOct 19 2008
LocationWelch, MN
Last Found Jul 11 2009
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Replaced 8/6/09.

It is well known that letterboxing has helped many people with their
physical problems. This Trail of Fears series is designed to help deal with mental
ones as well. Some commonly occurring irrational hangups can be
overcome by employing the highly successful treatment known as
"encounter therapy". Compared to consulting a psychiatrist, you can
amortize the cost of your gas for letterboxing in one easy session.

Acrophobia , the fear of heights, can also be vanquished by building skyscrapers, but letterboxing is much gentler.

To get to the box get to the Cannon Valley Trail. About halfway between Red Wing and Welch Village the trail crosses under Hiway 61 near Mile Marker 15. Under the Hiway bridge there's a noisy rest area. But a small ways to the east there's a single bench when you can relax. Contemplate the ladder just to the east. Yep that's where you're going. It's probably safest to retrieve the box and work at it on the bench. Note how much more at ease you are when you climb the ladder to put the box back (But don't be too much at ease, please.).

Until Nov. 1 there is a $3/day or $20/year pass required for biking or rollerblading on the trail. Otherwise it's free.

Recently found: 8/06/2009