Moe's Sailboat Watch  LbNA # 44107 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 19 2008
LocationBerkeley Marina, CA
Planted ByOAKDOGS08    
Found By mandala
Last Found Jan 31 2010
Hike Distance?

In the Berkley Marina
with the Pier straight ahead
you can view
San Francisco and
the beautiful Bay
drive past Skates
you may be in need of repose
look for the bench
named after Moe (Morris)
The sign with the "5"
will guide you this way
sit in the middle of that
bench and
take in the day
notice the sailboats gliding
on the beautiful Bay.
When the time is ready you
can stand and face north
that number 5 sign holds the
clue of the amount of
baby steps you will take
to the rock speckled white
around the center
below it
is the treasure!!