Anniversary Series #1  LbNA # 44117

OwnerColleen & Mike    
Placed DateOct 19 2008
LocationDover, NJ
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

This is a series of three boxes hidden in Heddon Park. Take Route 46 and turn on Hurd Street. Make your left onto Oak street and then a right onto Ford Street. Follow Ford Street down the hill and you will see parking on your left. Follow the blacktop path over the bridge and take the green trail to your right. As you walk along the path you will notice the stream on your right and you will come to a gigantic boulder on your left.Get your compass and shoot a course 176 degrees up the hill and you will notice a double trunked tree growing on a large rock. On the right hand side beneath the tree in a cervis is what you seek.