Indian Trail Park (3 Boxes)  LbNA # 44129

Placed DateOct 13 2008
LocationBrewer, ME
Planted ByChinese Panda    
Found By whackydacky family
Last Found Sep 4 2017
Hike Distance?

Letterboxing at Indian Trail Park

Take route 9 In Brewer, going out towards Eddington, AKA north main street. The park is ½ a mile past the Irving on the left. The road is called Indian Trail Park road. Pull in and park in the lot.

1. Lookout Rock

Find the wooden steps on the opposite side of the big field near the bench, go down them. There will be a fork in the road to the right of the bench, go left down it and you will come to another fork in the road, here you will take a right. After a short time you will see a trail to the left with more wooden planks as stairs, go down that trail and ENJOY the lookout rock!! Then take the little path to the right, about 30 steps and you’ll pass over a big rock in the trail. You should come close to the edge of a cliff. Look out at the river, then turn completely around so the river is to your back, look up, there will be another trail to the left of the one you came down. Take about 14 steps up the hill to a small plateau, look to your left and you should see a boulder to the right in the trees, your surprise will be hiding under a pile of rocks beside the boulder. Now you can either turn back the way you came or you can take the last few steps up the hill, then take a right. You are now on a side trail, when you hit the main trail take a left to continue on to ……

2. Broken Tree

Staying on the main trail you will pass some broken logs almost in the trail, keep going and shortly after you will come to another trail/road, take a left towards the rocks and cross them staying with the path, you will come to a clearing with a grass road to your right and caged in telephone pole. IMMEDIATELY when you come to the clearing look to your left to continue on the trail you will pass a sign reading “city of Brewer wet weather” and there will be a black storm drain on your right, keep going until another fork and take a right. You will see a big fallen over tree, under the base you will find your treasure.

3. Watch Your Ankles!

* When the river is at low tide this one will be no problem, High tide you might have to take off your shoes to walk the shore line (watch your ankles!).

From “Broken Tree” go back to the fork and instead of going the way you came take a right to continue on. You will come to another clearing, take the little trail to the left, you will come to another fork, take another left to go down to the river. From the end of the grass/beginning of rocks take about 13 steps along the tree line. You should see a little opening on your left. Go inside the opening beside the first tree on the right with all of its roots showing should be a pile of rocks, under it is your present. Now you can go back the way you came, but at the clearing with the grass road and fenced in telephone pole you can take the grass road as a short cut to get back to your car. Or you can go back through the woods the way you came. Hope everyone enjoys the trails!!!!!