This is not the Zoo  LbNA # 44178

OwnerPaw Paw and Granny    
Placed DateOct 24 2008
LocationDecatur, GA
Found By GApackrats
Last Found Oct 12 2014
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This Is Not the Zoo
October 2008

This series was conceived and carved for the Atlanta zoo. But, before it could be planted it was learned there was going to be some renovations and changes in the park. The idea of a zoo series died and has been planted in the Decatur Cemetery. Enter through the gate off Commerce Dr. Be sure to read the interesting plaque on the entrance gate post.

Just a few steps down the road turn right onto a gravel/stone road. The style of the head stones and the comments from the very old graves are interesting. Just after the curve, on the backside of the old magnolia behind the grave stone of the 18 year old wife of S.H. Torrence you will find the treasure - Mrs. Pachyderm. Mrs. Pachyderm is actually Dottie, a 25 year old, 8000 pound African elephant at Zoo Atlanta. She was to have had baby in spring of 2009. Unfortunately, Dottie and her baby died unexpectedly in October 2008. This box was planted in anticipation of the the birth of her baby. Now, it is in memory of this magnificent animal who was known for her friendliness and willingness to please.

Continue around the gravel road – pass the Congo baby’s diamond shaped stone – turn right down the road at the red water spigot. Down the stairs you go to the very botton. Up the hill and past the sign and the tree. At section 16, part 1 find 2 black posts and go down that walk. Mr. King is down the pea gravel path. If there is a breeze enjoy the peaceful notes for the large wind chime hanging high in the tree. Behind the back right corner of the last plaque wall under a piece of concrete you will find this prize.

Continue down the path past the memorial to those who generously gave to medical research and education. Oh, the oak leaf hydrangeas will be beautiful in the spring. Up the steps, turn right down the road and around the bend past section 14. Walk down the hill around the left curve along the backside of the cemetery. Notice the nice City of Decatur playground to the right. There is a connecting path if you want to go play a while. At the 2nd left, turn between Skelton and Walker. About 50 steps up this road, spot a tall slender evergreen at Manning. From the bench, walk to the backside of the evergreen – hanging in the tree at about eye level you will find Ms. Kitty. To open the container, hold in both hands and push the lid up with your thumbs. Please be sure it is sealed back tight before you rehide. Thanks. ( The fall leafs are pretty from this spot)

Continue up this road past the cemetery office. Take a left between 1 and 7 and travel up the winding road to the left. Near the top of the hill on the right behind Hood you will find a large water oak with some bushes around it. On the backside under an old used plastic flower pot shored up by a couple of bricks you will find Mr. Curious. There are some benches with a nice view of the lake across the road.

Continue down the curved, paved road to the first road to the right. See 3 Secrests; then go up 5 steps to a short walk beside several walls on your left. At the end of the walls turn left up the hill in a stone lined walk way. Turn right on the narrow asphalt road. This old section of the cemetery maybe interesting to some. Continue around the curve to another tall evergreen on the left. Mr. Z is resting between the wall and the back of Milton and Stellar Stannard’s head stone.