Scherenschnitt - Lakeside  LbNA # 44181

OwnerLightnin Bug      
Placed DateOct 18 2008
LocationBroadway, NJ
Found By PBandJ plus 3
Last Found Jun 19 2012
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Scherenschnitt: Lakeside

Merrill Creek Reservoir - Broadway, NJ

Get a trail map from the home page of Merrill Creek Reservoir (link below). This box has been planted to give geographic letterboxing balance to the letterboxes at this place. Most of them are on the N and E parts of the lake, so we decided (Innigo Voltaire) that South would be good.

Go to the Main Dam via the Perimeter Trail (a truly nice, non rocky 6 mile hike). If you wish, you could hike down the Perimeter Trail to the bottom to see an awesome sight. But, for the letterbox...

Begin at the east end of the Main Dam. Follow a gravel road at 75°, which will gradually turn east. Continue eastward and spot a forest of sunken trees in the lake to the left (down the hill). Begin a gradual uphill and then the trail will turn southeast. A sudden sharp left turn is your cue to pay attention. From the center of this bend, spot a side trail heading at 205°. Follow this for 15 paces, to a hidey hole in a tree on the right. SPOL, SPOR, what more?

Hiking at Merrill Creek: