Baby Bear's Bane  LbNA # 44212

OwnerSilver Eagle      
Placed DateOct 25 2008
LocationCypress, TX
Found By MimiJacobs
Last Found May 3 2014
Hike Distance?

Terrain Difficulty: Easy (flat, 400 yards RT)
Recommended Ink: red
Status: alive

For some reason, Baby Bear never liked IRA Boxer, and when the red boxer-shorted letterboxer was murdered at the Arboretum, Baby Bear was a prime suspect. So it's no wonder the Ghost of IRA Boxer gets his revenge by haunting Telge Park in the hometown of Baby Bear. Since taunting my younger brother has always been my area of expertise, I decided to dedicate this box to a fellow practitioner who haunts instead of taunts.

From Hwy 290, go north on Telge Rd. In a few miles you will cross Cypress Creek and Telge Park will be on your right. Turn right on Pleasant Grove, then a quick right into parking area.

Enter the park and follow the wire fence on your right all the way to the creek. Go through the fence and under the Telge bridge. Continue straight on a path through the woods for about 40 steps and turn right on a path going uphill. Go about 25 steps to a small tree in the path, then turn right and go about 22 steps off trail, making your way to a medium tree with vines growing around it. The minibox is hanging on the back side about 2 feet off the ground. Note: The box is a pill container and is permanently attached to the tree, so open the top by pushing down while turning counter-clockwise. When replacing the top, make sure to screw it on all the way and check to make sure it doesn't come off if you lift up on it. Appropriately enough, a Baby Bear letterbox is nearby, providing easy haunting for the Ghost. NOTE: A letterboxer reported that the box is no longer hanging from the tree but is laying next to it, and no vines on tree.