St. John Bosco  LbNA # 44230

Placed DateOct 26 2008
LocationCircleville, OH
Planted BySt. Joseph Youth Grp    
Found By PennyCandy
Last Found Mar 28 2012
Hike Distance?


Saints – part 1 – Saint John Bosco or Don Bosco

Throughout history, God has sent prophets and saints to warn, teach and lead His people. Modern times are no exception. God has sent saints to found religious orders of men and women for particular needs. He has sent martyrs as witnesses to the Faith, virgins as defenders of chastity, and holy men, such as Don Bosco, the subject of this Letter box We hope you will learn a little more about Don Bosco, the patron saint of youth, and other saints as you participate in this activity.

Go to St. Joseph Cemetery on North Court Street in Circleville, Ohio.

Travel through main gate of St. Joseph Cemetary and park in the grass area. Take The Way of the Cross route past Armstrong on your right. You know you are on the right path if you see the RHOADS.

Continue on down to the bench, but it is not time to rest. Keep on the Way of the Cross to station 6. Look towards the sunset, you will see the door to BAYER.
Travel onward to the Y. The right path is not the right path. Look over there watch out for BUTT, they could lead you in the wrong direction! You want to go on by the LAKE. Are you still on the Way to the Cross? Oh there is SWEETMAN! Wow look at that neat marker for EDWARD SMITH. Next to him is JOHN CUMMINS. Oh, you are so close take 5-6 paces to the left. SAINT JOHN BOSCO’s box is resting in the shade.