St. Peter  LbNA # 44231

Placed DateOct 26 2008
LocationCircleville, OH
Planted BySt. Joseph Youth Grp    
Found By PennyCandy
Last Found Mar 28 2012
Hike Distance?

Saints – part 2 Saint Peter

Saint Peter is the rock of the church. He was the first Pope to guide the Church with which Christ promised to remain until the end of time.

Once, again we enter St. Joseph Cemetery on North Court Street in Circleville, Ohio.

Travel through main gate and park in the grass area. Follow the RHOADS (near the stone with the cross on it) Then look for the ENGLISH ways. Look for the cross that towers over to the west, then continue on your quest
You're not looking for Harry Potter, so go past the DOTTERS Go past the FARMER and go to the first station in the Way of the Cross in the corner. Follow the stations and you will see RILEY in the trees. Continue on as before until you get to Station Four. Take a break on the PORTER bench and look for the table of rock. The key to your search is near the table of rock (as our church was founded on this “rock”).
St. Peter’s box you seek is behind the table and under the box (wood) with the yew tree to the right.